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"I created Ever Gold with a singular purpose in mind:

to be my clients' alchemy maker...their Genie in the bottle 

labeled Ultimate Secret Sauce."

~ Lisa Oropeza, Owner and Founder




Ever Gold 


Founder and owner Lisa Oropeza brings over 25 years of experience to Ever Gold Agency in all areas of Publicity, Travel, Special Events and Talent-VIP Relations. As a specialist in the Entertainment industry Lisa has teamed on over 175 campaigns for a wide range of companies including New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Focus Features, LAIKA, National Geographic, Amazon Studios, Annapurna Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, United Artists Releasing and MGM. Lisa successfully merges this background with her intuitive knowledge as a travel guru, hospitality expert, and events producer to form Ever Gold Agency. Whether you or your company are in need of project consultation, travel management, planning an event or hosting a celebration, or simply desiring a concierge's hospitality touch or the vacation of a lifetime, Ever Gold will provide you with a personalized and seamless experience so you can enjoy the results and savor the moments.


Lisa counts as her passions movies with meaning, retro pop culture, mindful living, Anne Rice novels, collecting rarities, the hotel experience, disco and all things from the 70's. When asked what her career highlight has been thus far, Lisa immediately points to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, which she proudly refers to as her "Masters Degree in Execution and Logistics". This is only second to Lisa's first job, which was to help her parents in their video store, one of the first independent operations in the San Fernando Valley in the early 80s. For Lisa it was better than owning a candy shop and fed her love for film and helping people find what makes them happy.

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