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Ever Gold Concierge is with you now and always to privately lend a hand with life's essentials as well as specialized and one-of-a-kind needs.
Email us at and let us know how we can efficiently help you with your wish. No request is outside our window of possibility!
Focusing on the now of it all, these are unprecedented times we are living through. At Ever Gold, our top priority is making sure our clients are well looked after as well as safeguarded and conserving their energy during this crisis. Something as easy as going to the store for groceries and other essentials has become a lifestyle challenge, which is why Ever Gold Concierge is here for you. Let us take your shopping list and do it all for you! 
No more juggling websites and apps to get the items you want in a timely fashion.
No more playing social distance Frogger in the stores and parking lots.
No more waiting for shopping windows and juggling multiple shoppers & deliveries. 
Ever Gold Concierge is extremely grateful to its local merchants for their continued support during these unprecedented times of Covid-19.  We work directly with the Original Farmers Market, Uncle Paulie's Deli, Jon & Vinny's, Lucques Catering, Haute Mess and other specialty shops to procure fresh and high quality produce, meat, seafood and bakery items as well as cooking ingredients and supplies, cleaning and paper products, snacks, gourmet and pantry staples. Covid-19 prevention items such as disinfectants, wipes, hand sanitizers, masks and gloves are easily attainable as well.  
We additionally shop via Instacart, Target, Shipt, Postmates and Yummy for specific brands and other items you can't do without. We can even drive thru Starbucks on the way to delivering your goods if you so desire!
Click Here To Get Started!
  • Coordination fee, sanitation product costs, and gasoline for delivery.

  • Introductory phone consultation to orientate you with our service and identify request needs.

  • List of store website links for easy online browsing of items and prices.

  • Sourcing of your items the moment we receive your shopping list.

  • Assistance with locating hard-to-find items.

  • Hands-on Instacart/Shipt shopper interfacing of replacements and late additions.

  • Inventory inspection and refrigeration of perishable items the moment items arrive.

  • Transfer of items into reusable shopping bags that are disinfected in advance with antibacterial spray.

  • Non-contact delivery same day or next morning, depending on vendor availability & your preferences.

  • Delivery radius range within 10 miles of 90048 (additional $2 per mile outside of delivery zone).

  • Secondary delivery of any item(s) not available within initial order window.

  • Scanned copy of your purchasing receipts included with delivery.

  • Account statement available on request for your expense reporting.



  • How do I pay for my items and your service?

    • Ever Gold will handle payment of your purchases to protect your information.

    • Scanned copies of your receipts will be included with your delivery.

    • An itemized invoice will be emailed with option to pay by credit card or ACH bank account.

    • You may opt to pay via Venmo to @Evergoldagency if you prefer to keep your information private.

  • What other Ever Gold Concierge fees apply?

    • $2 per mile for deliveries outside of 90048​ radius range.

    • $2 optional fee per one (1) pair of gloves and four (4) gallon sized storage bags.

    • $10 after-hours delivery before 8AM and after 8PM.

    • Some merchants require store pickup which counts as a private errand fee. Fee depends on number of locations covered & distance and averages $5 to $20.

  • What fees will be reflected in the Instacart, Shipt, Postmates and receipts?​​

    • Shopper's gratuity is applied by these sites. We'll let you know total at time of purchase so you can advise whether to increase tip.

    • Some sites have nominal service fees. We will advise you after purchasing if one was applied.

    • All app delivery fees are covered by Ever Gold.

  • Can I tip my Ever Gold Concierge when they arrive with my items?

    • Ever Gold Concierge is comprised of professionals who have been laid off or job furloughed because of the Covid-19 crisis, so gratuity is very much appreciated and can be added to your invoice. 


  • Do you take on NDA required clients?

    • Yes! While Ever Gold considers every client a VIP, we understand that some clients live in the public eye and require an NDA agreement. NDAs are signed by owner Lisa Oropeza, a 25-year Publicity & Talent Relations expert working in the Entertainment Industry. Lisa personally manages NDA clients with personal attention and provides a secure and confidential experience for everyone.

    • Additional hourly fee will apply as an incredibly detailed level of work and security is provided for NDA clients. Rates vary based on initial consultation call with Lisa.  


  • What safety measures do you take to ensure COVID-19 guidelines are followed?

    • Ever Gold Concierge takes yours and our health very seriously. Disposable gloves and masks​ are used when receiving and prepping your items. We start first by disinfecting the outer bags or boxes outdoors soon as they arrive. We then bring them into a sanitized room for inspection and delivery prep. We also disinfect any reusable grocery delivery bags used. Additionally, our staff uses high-quality masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

  • NOTE: Ever Gold Concierge does not disinfect your purchases, therefore all items and store plastic bags will be your responsibility. We are happy to supply you with a pair of gloves and gallon sized storage bags upon request for the $2 fee.


  • Can I place my own orders and have you handle the rest?

    • Absolutely! Simply deduct $10 from the service fee and we will take care of the rest. Ever Gold Concierge’s delivery address will be emailed to you.


  • Do you offer early morning or late evening deliveries?

    • Ever Gold Concierge is here for you 24/7 and are happy to deliver before 8am and after 8pm for the additional $10 fee.​


  • Does Ever Gold procure non grocery store items and handle errand requests?

    • Did we mention we are here for you 24/7?  We understand these are difficult days and random needs arise from time to time. Send your request and we'll take it from there to assist you, whether it's for online orders, pharmacy prescriptions or other errands that require a pickup and delivery. Quote will be provided with email confirmation.



"The gold is in the dark."
 Carl Jung
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